Middle Georgia interstate could be at risk for flooding 'for next 7 years'

    Water flooded over I-75 southbound on July 14/Eric Mock (WGXA)

    MACON, Ga. -- This week the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) reported flooding along I-75 south in Macon, and officials are saying that the interstate could be at risk for flooding as long as construction projects are happening.

    “I hope not. It depends on how quick they get done with that area and turn it back to it's new state," said McNorton.

    According to GDOT commander Ronnie McNorton, roadwork isn't expected to be completed on I-75 and I-16 until 2025 - potentially putting the area at risk for more flooding for the next seven years.

    "For my understanding, for the next seven years," McNorton said.

    He said the construction will widen the interstate, and the finished project will reduce the risk of flooding. Currently, water funnels down to the road.

    "And just a heavy rain going into something that's not there - it does cause problems. But what they have done, they have dug a ditch that goes to this location where it keeps flooding," McNorton said.

    Officials hope that ditch will collect some of the water. Flooding on I-75 south was up to three feet of water last Saturday.

    "I came through about 30 minutes ago. The roads are already dangerous from them working on them, so be very careful," commented Danielle Simmons on WGXA's Facebook page.

    McNorton said that when it rains, it comes down hard and quick.

    "We did have some flooding yesterday. One good thing with that ditch there, it didn’t flood the whole interstate. We did have two lanes that had approximately a foot of water over them," McNorton said.

    "It was up to my door when we had to drive in it," commented Mary Tuner Chambliss last Saturday on WGXA's Facebook page.

    All of Middle Georgia is at risk for severe storms this weekend. McNorton encourages Macon residents who plan on driving to call 511 to check if there are any road closures or flooding in the area.

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