Middle Georgia reacts to the New York terror attack


MACON, Ga. -- After the Oct. 31 terror attack in New York City, locals in Macon offered their thoughts about the violence and how it affects them.

Jasmine Jackson, a mother and a student at Mercer University downtown, said that it's unfortunate how often attacks like this seem to happen and how easy it is to become desensitized and not to care. She said that this attack does make her concerned however because of the nature of it. A person using a vehicle as a weapon appears more threatening to her because it's so much more accessible than other forms of attack.

Another student at Mercer, Alexandra Zelaya, said that she was shocked to find out that the terror attack had happened and is concerned for her safety.

McKenna Perry, a student studying neuroscience at Mercer, said that because it happened so far away, it's easy for her to separate herself from the attack and doesn't feel like it has an impact on her life. She hopes that society never gets to the point of being completely desensitized and uncaring.

A father of two kids, Ben Gerheardt, said that he feels a lot of sadness for the victim's families and that the situation is tragic. For him, it's really concerning because some of the victim's weren't from the United States and in that sense, makes travel scary. He says however that it's not going to let it keep him from going out and enjoying his life.

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