Middle Georgia Schools prepare playgrounds for new school year

With school back in session, it's important kids know playground safety rules / Jennifer Munoz (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- School officials are recommending parents talk to their kids about playground safety before sending them on to school.

When it comes to playground safety, Demetrice Walker always makes sure her kids know the rules.

“It’s very important for me when they are out for recess because I’d be worry about things that are on the yard making sure all the equipment safe,” said Walker.

Dr. Rogelio Delacruz with the Pediatric Emergency Center at Navicent Health said playground safety is important. The emergency center sees kids get hurt on playgrounds all the time.

“Most of the injuries we see are fractures, children come here because they break their forearm, because they fall and land on their head and they sustain a concussion,” said Delacruz.

Before sending your kid off to the playground or to school Delacruz said to have a conversation with them about safety rules.

“Common playground equipment that causes injuries are monkey bars, so it’s important when children are playing on monkey bars that they are well supervised,” Delacruz.

Other safety tips are sliding down feet first and avoid over crowded equipment.

Billy Dollar with Houston County public schools said every three years they make sure their playgrounds are certified and safe. During the year they have maintenance come out periodically to check on the equipment.

“We look for inadequate spacing, anything that may have changed or worn out, anything that could cut or poke a child,” Dollar said.

Maintenance then blocks that area from children and makes necessary fixes.

“We don’t want anybody to get hurt we want people to be safe, we want when people send their kids to school that they come back without any bumps, bruises, nix, or scratches,” Dollar said.

Bibb County Public Schools said they make repairs on playgrounds as needed and do annual inspections to make sure they equipment is safe for children to play on.

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