Middle Georgia State connects ideas during Unity Week

UNITY@MGA - VO.00_00_05_19.Still002.jpg

MACON, Ga. -- Middle Georgia State University celebrates Unity Week by connecting through art.

Students used strands of yarn to connect to ideas they identify with while also connecting with other students, faculty and community members.

"It's honestly really beautiful to see how each one of us have things that connect no matter where we come from or what experiences that we've had in our lives," said student Makayla Mixon.

"So not only that, but it's kind of cool to see how different we are and how much we agree on certain things," said student Chase Hollingsworth. "It's kind of neat to see that."

Discussion and a debrief about the exhibit will be on Nov. 30. The exhibit ends Dec. 1. Everyone is welcome to participate.

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