Middle Georgia therapist offers tips on staying upbeat during stretches of gloomy weather

Matt Mackie (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- With Middle Georgia's rain over the past week, residents might be having a hard time getting out of the house and staying active.

Inches of rain have come down across the midstate without much sunshine in between. Licensed therapist Bruce Conn said dreary weather can get inside a person's head and keep them down.

"We're designed for movement! We need to get outside and move and do things. When it's rainy it's really easy to sit down and do nothing," said Conn.

For some Middle Georgians like Sierra Wilson, the recent wet weather had made it harder to get outside.

"It might ruin your day, you might get wet, probably can't walk as long as you want to or have fun. You probably come out here and get some fresh air mostly, but it's not that good as far as the rain," said Wilson.

When the rain lasts for weeks, these feelings can add up.

Conn said, "It's really easy to say 'I'll do that later' because it's raining and you're sitting inside. But you add that up over a period of weeks, then you haven't done anything in a long time!"

He said that overcoming the isolation that comes with staying indoors is key.

"So much is about connections, staying connected to people, staying connected to enjoyable activities," Conn said.

Anyone getting stuck inside because of bad weather can call family or video chat with friends to pass the time, he suggested.

There's also still plenty to do even when the weather is rough.

Conn said, "Get out of the house, get downtown. Get to a coffee shop, a bookstore, or get out and just walk around in a mall!"

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