Middle Georgians get hands-on firearms training with Bibb Co. deputies

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office taught a civilian firearm safety course on August 20 and 21/David Domingue (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- Some Middle Georgians got a hands-on lesson about guns through a firearms course with the Bibb County Sheriff's Office this week.

The sheriff's office said 18 people took the class, which has been offered for two years.

"It is very important for citizens if they are going to be a firearm owner, they need to know how to operate it safely. They need to know the fundamentals, they need to know how to keep it locked away safe, not just for themselves but for their family members, for other people that might come in and out of their home. And it is good to be able to just have a basic understanding on how to accurately use something that could essentially destroy whatever," said deputy Amber Giltz.

To participate, attendees must not be convicted of a felony and must be legally able to own a firearm.

"Everybody has their reasons for owning a firearm, so that is kinda a really hard question to answer. For the most part they want to learn basic safety, how to handle firearms, how to educate other family members on firearm safety and how to shoot accurately in a situation if it were to arise," Giltz said.

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