Milledgeville mayor highlights accomplishments in State of the City address

David Domingue (WGXA)

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. -- At Milledgeville's first city council meeting for March, the city added a State of the City address that was delivered to residents on Tuesday.

Mayor Mary Parham-Copelan aimed to highlight Milledgeville's accomplishments throughout 2017.

“The annual State of the City address is an opportunity for us to let citizens and business leaders know about the accomplishments and successes that have occurred in Milledgeville as we continue to move forward towards a prosperous future as a thriving city,” said City Manager Barry Jarrett.

Aside from the city's gains over the past year, Parham-Copelan discussed economic development and recognized the successes of government employees across different departments, such as planning and zoning, law enforcement, public works and more.

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