Miracle baby who wasn't supposed to live past 3 passes away at 9 years old

Family mourns over the loss of miracle baby Logan. Logan was supposed to never make it to 3-years-old. Logan passes away at 9 and a half-years-old. Tiffany Thompson/ WGXA News

WARNER ROBINS, Ga.-- A miracle baby in Middle Georgia that wasn't meant to see his third birthday lived until he's almost ten years old.

His name is Logan Varnadoe, and WGXA has been following his story for years.

We now know Logan passed away in August.

April Varnadoe is Logan's mom. She said the only way she's coping is through knowing he is pain free now.

"Logan is now playing ball. He is talking and he's walking, and he's running. He's able to do the things that he was never able to do," said Vernadoe.

She said Logan was born with periventricular leukomalacia, a condition that left him with only one third of his brain.

Varnadoe said this disease meant Logan suffered from blindness, deafness and internal organ complications.

"It was terrible. I mean he was the fighter. He was the warrior that fought battles everyday," said Vernadoe.

This miracle baby wasn't supposed to live past three, but Logan's mom said because of his love for life and his family he defied the odds.

"He surprised the doctors. He proved them wrong. He lived to prove them wrong. I mean they would say you know they would sit me down and say you know he might not make it through this surgery. He's with this going on and he's not, we don't expect him to do that good with it and he would come out with flying colors," said Vernadoe.

Logan lived to 9 and a half years old; his sisters helping him every step of the way.

Gracie Varnadoe is now 10 years old and said taking Logan to the beach is still her favorite memory.

"He got a chance to go to the beach. He would love to sit on the sand and splash in the water," said Gracie.

She said no matter what, both her and her sister Peyton spent every day with Logan; regardless of where he was, whether he was home or in a hospital bed.

"Um I loved him very much though," said 5-year-old Peyton.

Now that Logan has passed, they continue to to see him everyday, visiting him where he has been laid to rest.

For more information, visit the Logan Varnadoe Family Fundraiser Facebook page here.

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