Miss Hattie's Kitchen & Bakery is closing its doors

Miss Hattie's Kitchen & Bakery is closing its doors.jpg

BOLINGBROKE, Ga -- This past Saturday, Elaine Thomas -- a.k.a. Miss Hattie -- announced on her Facebook page that she will be closing the doors to her restaurant Miss Hattie’s Kitchen & Bakery at the end of March.

In a Facebook post,Thomas says that she's putting family first and will be closing her restaurant on March 31.

Miss Hattie's Kitchen & Bakery is also famous for a few other reason aside from the great food.

In May of 2016 Southern cook Paula Deen paid a visit to the restaurant as she made a few stops throughout Georgia.

In September of 2016 the restaurant sponsored a book sale to help veterans at Homeport.

In January of 2017 a local couple who frequents the restaurant hosted the Mercer Bears Basketball Team for lunch one day.

And in July of 2017 Thomas took a stand with a few other businesses when a boil advisory lasted longer than it was predicted and put the restaurant in a precarious situation.

Since the Facebook post on March 10 a lot of Miss Hattie's fans have come out to show their immense support.

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