MONDAY MORNING UPDATE: The first week of 2018 could be the coldest in years

Cold air steps into our area due to the cold front that passed us by this weekend.

Macon, Ga -- A strong cold front moved through Middle Georgia on New Year's Eve allowing a north wind to bring us near record breaking low temperatures.

Monday is starting off cool and cloudy. A north wind has taken over most of Georgia and that will force our cloud cover south. The good news is that the wind will bring us sunny skies to finish out today and tomorrow. The bad news is that a lack of cloud cover paired with dry air will leave us exposed tonight. Overnight lows have a strong chance to fall down to the teens, a temperature we haven't reached in almost two years.

The teens will not be the norm for low temperatures, but it won't be far off. Over the next week our average low is projected to be 22 degrees! The afternoon high temperatures will also be much cooler than normal averaging around 43 degrees.

With temperatures this cold it is important to cover any vulnerable outdoor plants, pool pumps and pipes each night due to subfreezing temperatures. Pets are also vulnerable to the cold so make sure they are brought in or have a sufficient shelter for these conditions.

By the end of the weekend we will see temperatures a bit closer to average. In about two weeks there is a chance we could see slightly above average temperatures to end the second week of the new year.

We will continue to track this cold weather throughout the week. Keep up with us online and on-air for the latest updates, and stay warm!

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