Monroe Co. commission wants public input on future of railroad crossings

Monroe County Commission will recommend closing one minor railroad crossing near Bunn Road crossing, but keep Bunn Rd and a Bolingbroke crossing open by neighbors’ request/Evan Watson (WGXA)

MONROE COUNTY, Ga. -- The Monroe County board of commissioners is asking what residents think about closing certain railroad crossings throughout the county.

There are a number of open crossings in the area, which create a liability for the railroad company and require upkeep. To save on future liability, commissioner John Ambrose said the railroad company asked them about any crossings that could be closed.

"And we've got several old crosses that are very, very old. Bad ditches with trucks falling in them. And they're trying to improve some of the bad ones, and improve the other ones to make it safer for the public," Ambrose said.

At Thursday night's meeting, commission opted to keep a crossing open in Bolingbroke open after emergency services and neighbors made a request not to close it.

Commission said it'll also recommend improving the crossing at Bunn Rd. and allowing the railroad company to close a minor crossing nearby the Bunn Rd. crossing.

Monroe County commission will announce any future public hearings.

Anyone who wants to voice their opinions about the issue can email Comments will be submitted to commissioners.

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