Monroe County offering microchips for pets

    Dogs can now get microchips at the Monroe County Animal Shelter. Tiffany Thompson/WGXA<p>{/p}

    FORSYTH, Ga--The Monroe County Animal Shelter is now offering a way to locate your pet if it ever gets lost.

    The shelter kicked off their $10.00 microchip service at an event Saturday.

    Once your pet gets a microchip anyone with a scanner can find out who it belongs to.

    Shelter volunteer Liz Martin says this can keep you dog off the streets or out of the pound.

    "I have a scanner myself and I've actually been able to go out and scan dogs that were found by individuals and the dog got home the same day," Martin said.

    The shelter will now offer this service for that price to everyone, not just people living in Monroe County.

    Martin says there's no limit to how many dogs you can bring in to get a microchip.

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