Montpelier Avenue to be reviewed for pedestrian safety

People said it's a short walk, but a dangerous one./Brittany Collins (WGXA)

Bibb County Commissioners unanimously agreed this week to follow the plan the Pedestrian Fatality Review Board created to deal with traffic along Montpelier Avenue.

Every now and then Venette Davis sits on her front porch watching the traffic pass by on Montpelier Avenue.

"There is a couple of people walking on canes and then you've got people on walkers trying to cross here," Davis said.

The Pedestrian Fatality Review Board and citizens told Macon-Bibb County Commissioners that Montpelier Avenue is dangerous because of it's fast traffic.

That's an especially big problem when people go to Bentley and Sons Funeral Home.

"The traffic is a bit much and it's a problem," Darryl Bentley said. "Just going back and forth from the car to the service."

People said it's a short walk, but a dangerous one.

"Especially when you have a load of people and a crowd of people trying to cross the street at the same time," Bentley said. "Especially when you're running late to the funeral and the traffic impedes their progress."

"The more lighting we have, the more safety features we have on roads like Montpelier Ave, the better off our citizens will be," Commissioner Elaine Lucas said.

For neighbors like Davis, who has lived on Montpelier Avenue for 20 years, she's used to it. She just wants to see changes to help her neighbors who can't walk as fast.

"The other day I saw a lady in the electric chairs and she was trying to cross the street. It took her a little while...if we fixed the curbs, it'd be real helpful.

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