More heavy rain is possible this weekend

    Here are our current rain projections for this weekend.

    MACON, Ga. -- Cold rain is projected to move into Middle Georgia this weekend. Thunderstorms and severe weather look unlikely, but heavy rain could move back into our area.

    Last weekend we saw areas south of Perry and Cochran have between 4-6 inches of rain between Saturday and Sunday. This upcoming weekend with thankfully keep the heaviest rain away from those areas. As of Wednesday morning the heavy rain is much more likely to impact counties north of Macon.

    Anywhere between 2 1/2 and 4 inches of rain is projected to fall onto counties like Upson, Monroe, Jones, Jasper, Putnam and Hancock counties.

    The rain could start before sunrise on Saturday and last well in early Monday morning. The heaviest rain will move in Saturday afternoon and evening.

    As of Wednesday morning snow cannot be ruled out for northern Georgia this weekend because of the cold temperatures. Our low temperatures during the weekend will stay above freezing preventing any snow. If the rain manages to last until overnight Monday there will be a small chance of snow in Middle Georgia. No models are pointing to any chance of that happening so far.

    Stick with us for the latest on the cold weather and this weekend's rain chances.

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