Myrtle Beach patients evacuated to Macon hospital as Florence approaches

Hurricane Florence evacuees from hospitals in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina are taking refuge in Macon's Coliseum Northside/Miles Garrett (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- Hurricane Florence is already making landfall off the coast of South Carolina, and patients from hospitals in Myrtle Beach have are among the evacuees now in Middle Georgia.

One of those patients, Terri Blank, said it's been an inconvenient week for her and she's not where she expected to be just a few days ago.

"Well, what happened was I broke my hip Wednesday night and I had surgery Thursday, and all of a sudden everybody's talking about this Florence," said Blank.

Blank said it took 12 hours to get to Coliseum Northside Hospital in Macon, a little longer than expected. Her husband is weathering the storm in Myrtle Beach and was worried sick.

"I said 'Oh my gosh, I better call my husband.' My cellphone was in that bag over there so I finally called him. [He said] 'Where have you been?! I called every hospital in Georgia. I didn't know where you were!' He was all worried about me. We've been married 41 years," Blank said.

Her husband Frederick said he's not concerned about staying in Myrtle Beach even though his area has been evacuated. Instead, he said his priority has been his wife.

"I was worried about her bus ride down there and making sure she was okay. We've been married 41 years, it's kinda hard to be away from her a little bit but we're real close and I've been in contact with her through phone and she's doing pretty just well, I've just been going through a lot of phone calls and I think we're gonna be good," said Frederick.

Coliseum Northside Hospital has taken in 18 evacuated patients. Blank said the doctors have helped make the best out of a bad situation.

"The experience has been phenomenal. The people have been oh so nice. I mean really, just coming in and talking to you. You meet them and they explain the menus and what they're going to do and the doctors are all so nice. It's hands-on," she said.

Blank has lived in Maryland and now lives in South Carolina - but she said that she'd consider a move to Middle Georgia based on her experience these last few days.

"So if I ever did move to Georgia, it'd be around here," Blank said.

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