Navicent Health welcomed delegation from Kurobe, Japan

Doctor Lin founded the sister exchange program between the Medical Center, Navicent Health and Kurobe Municipal Hospital and his family attended the event on Wednesday/ Emily Swecker (WGXA)

Navicent Health welcomed a delegation from Kurobe, Japan, a sister city of Macon-Bibb County on Wednesday.

The Medical Center, Navicent Health and Kurobe Municipal Hospital have participated in a sister hospital exchange program for more than a decade.

Each year, one hospital sends clinicians and physicians to visit the other in an effort to share the best practices, learn innovative techniques and build relations between the two sister cities.

President and Ceo of Navicent Health, Ninfa Saunders, said they have learned valuable lessons about how to treat patients from the Japanese.

"There's kind of a tenderness and softness that goes to their approach, which is very befitting of their culture so I think knowing that while medicine is the same everywhere, the manifestation and how you package medicine is really the differentiator and that's really what we learned the most.", said Saunders.

The program was founded and lead by Doctor Lin and his wife and two daughters attended the ceremony.

"He always felt that we would learn better if we could understand how medicine and healthcare is practiced in other countries and so with that on his own he spent a lot of his funds to do the first program, until such time when everybody understood what it was all about.", said Saunders.

The Japanese Delegation will spend the week touring Central Georgia and Navicent Health facilities.

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