Navy SEAL veteran speaks at Flint Energies event

Dr. Howard Wasdin / WGXA

MACON, Ga. -- Flint Energies hosted a special Veterans Day celebration for its employees Friday, which featured a presentation by Dr. Howard Wasdin, a retired Navy SEAL who was wounded in Mogadishu, Somalia in 1993.

Wasdin shared his thoughts on the current climate of today's military.

"We've got a whole generation now that's been at war for sixteen years," he said. "When I was in, there were isolated conflicts. I got in on Desert Storm, but none of them were protracted wars where you didn't know exactly who the enemy was. These kids today, the young people today in a way have it much harder than us, the things they're seeing, the atrocities, the type of enemy they're fighting in a way is much harder than anything we've seen before."

Wasdin added that he's class to have Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis in office and said he encourages veterans to embrace their families as the transition out of military service and into civilian life.

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