Neighbor asks for donations to rebuild Dodge Co. man's home destroyed by April tornado

Friends of Glenn Carr work to rebuild him a home / Evan Watson (WGXA)

DODGE COUNTY, Ga. -- In April, Glenn Carr's home on Cochran Highway was destroyed when a massive tree crashed through it during a tornado.

He lived in that home for nearly 60 years and now his close friends want to make sure he's able to live "in peace and security."

"We're not looking for a Taj Mahal or a mansion," said longtime friend Robby Tripp. "We're looking for just a nice comfortable home for this man to live out his life and enjoy it."

Tripp has known Carr for six decades and said that Carr is a man of faith and honesty who has always helped others in need.

He says it's now time for Carr to be on the receiving end.

Tripp is collecting donations to help Carr clear the land and build him a new home.

He said that it's important that Carr is able to return to his property in a home of his own.

After the storm destroyed Carr's home, Tripp, his family and neighbors asked themselves what their fathers would do for their own friend in need.

Then, they decided "to take the bull by the horns and make something happen."

State Representative Jimmy Pruitt and the Georgia Department of Transportation came up with a resolution to remove the tree, which a surveyor revealed belongs to the state, from Carr's old home. It should be removed soon, according to Tripp.

Carr said his friends were with him from the beginning.

"They jumped in from the start right from from the gun and became my immediate advocate over all this without saying a word to me," Carr said.

After the tree is removed, the next steps can be taken to get Carr, a friend to many, back onto the land he's called home since 1958.

Tripp said they're willing to do all the work, they just need the funds.

"I'd be one of the most happy people in the world," Tripp said. "Glenn has always been there to help us. It's our time to give back."

Donations can be sent to the Glenn Carr Fund at Citizens Bank and Trust, PO Box 339 in Eastman, Ga. 31023.

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