New Baldwin Co. path to improve safety for bikers, walkers


BALDWIN CO., Ga. -- Baldwin County commission has partnered with GDOT to make people in north Baldwin County safer.

Currently, there are no sidewalks or places to walk without sharing the road with vehicles. But thanks to a $1.3 million grant through the transportation alternatives program, a path to safety is on its way.

"We have a lot of citizens here and they ride their bikes, they jog, they walk," County Manager Carlos Tobar said. "And as you can tell, the roads are narrow we don't have sidewalks out here. So they jog and ride and walk on the road. And we've had some accidents out here.

"Of course, safety is number one -- so we want to make sure we provide a dedicated class-one bike path."

Wednesday, Tobar took WGXA along where the 3.8 mile path will be. He says they plan to mimic a fence along the side of the airport that was newly built as well.

They're currently in the beginning stages and will begin the engineering plans. The goal is to begin actual construction in August after those plans are approved.

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