New study says e-cigarettes can be gateway to smoking traditional cigarettes

A recent study from the University of Pittsburgh suggests that e-cigs can serve as a gateway to traditional smoking/Danielle Apolinar (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. (WGXA) -- A recent study from the University of Pittsburgh, which was published in the American Journal of Medicine, says that young adults aged 18-30 who smoke electronic cigarettes are about five times more likely to begin smoking traditional cigarettes.

The study observed over 900 non-traditional smokers for over a year and shows that e-cigs can serve as a gateway for young adults to pick up traditional cigarette smoking.

Addiction Counselor Kyle James, with Coliseum Medical Centers, said that there isn't any safe way to consume tobacco and believes that there is validity to the study since e-cigs still contain nicotine and have the potential to get people curious about and addicted to other forms of nicotine.

Jason Exum, co-owner of Macon Vape and More said that he's never seen evidence of this occurring at his shop. Instead, he said most of the time people purchase his kits to quit smoking.

Exum also said that when young adults begin with e-cigs, he's never seen them show interest in traditional cigarettes. He said that the reason for this could be due to the attractive flavors of e-cigs which make them more appealing than the harsh taste of cigarettes.

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