NewTown Macon tour shows downtown progress firsthand

Tour of Progress / David Domingue (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- NewTown Macon hosted a Tour of Progress Wednesday night for supporters and other community members to see their projects firsthand.

The guides led tours to different stops along the way, including buildings NewTown renovated or have helped others buy and renovate.

Erin Keller, Vice President of Development for NewTown Macon, said she is happy people got the chance to see the progress NewTown Macon has made.

"So NewTown has been around since 1996 and for so long there had been no visible change," Keller said. "There was change happening, just no visual so it is very exciting to kind of pump our chest and be proud and show people what it is our work is doing for the community."

Keller said NewTown has a three-part mission: create a sense of place, grow jobs and increase residents.

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