Nighttime heat illness becomes risk as summer temperatures hit Middle Georgia


MACON, Ga. -- Summer weather has hit Middle Georgia, which can mean dangerous heat overnight in addition to high daytime temperatures.

Amanda Law, a registered nurse with Coliseum Medical Center in Macon, said that heat exhaustion is common this time of year.

"Anybody's at risk, at any age, from the very young to the very old," said Law.

If temperatures don't drop enough at night, people can still be at risk.

"During these hot times they may not have adequate air conditioning in their homes, so they're losing fluid even during the night when they're sleeping," Law said.

David Nadler keeps an eye on overnight lows at the National Weather Service's office in Peachtree City, where meteorologists know how worn out people can get if it's hot during the day.

If the body doesn't get a break from the heat overnight, then "it's kind of a snowball effect going into the next day of heat," said Nadler.

Residents of urban areas are even more at risk.

"You've got a lot of concrete and asphalt and things like that. Temperature just doesn't drop off as much as some of the outlying areas," Nadler said.

People can ward off heat exhaustion by staying hydrated.

"It's always a wonderful thing for people to drink a big glass of water when they wake up or before they go to bed to replace some of those fluids," Law said.

When temperatures start hitting around 80 degrees and above at night, heat illness can become a big concern.

Stay ahead of the high temperatures by keeping up with the forecast.

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