Nutritionist warns against buying packaged greens, recommends buying fresh

Nutritionist Naomie McKensie said that buying fresh greens over packaged ones will help consumers get more nutrients and save them money/Danielle Apolinar (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- Consumers might want to think twice about how to prepare salads.

Some experts say that packaged greens can lose some of their nutrients in the packaging process.

It seems healthy enough to pick up a salad for lunch and it certainly beats going to a drive-through for fast food.

However, nutritionist Naomie McKensie with Coliseum Health System said that most prepackaged greens can lose some of the nutrients that can help keep consumers healthy.

McKensie said that in most cases, these greens are also placed in a "pre-wash" that could include a small amount of chlorine and said that people are better off buying fresh vegetables and doing the chopping themselves.

"Some are water-soluble vitamins so just figure if there is an absence of water or decrease in water or you start to lose water the amount will decrease in that item," McKensie said.

She warned a cue that greens or vegetables are losing nutrients is a white film around where they were cut.

McKensie also encourages purchasing fresh greens not only for the health benefits, but also because it will save money. Buying packaged greens is like throwing money away, she said, because fresh ones can last a lot longer.

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