NY couple in Macon: 'I've never experienced weather like this'

Kelsey Graham and her husband live in south Macon and had their home damaged by storms on November 7 after already getting hit by Hurricane Michael in October/David Domingue (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- A couple in south Macon was hit hard by storms this week - after already having their property damaged by Hurricane Michael just weeks ago.

Katelyn Graham said she was home when the storm hit Wednesday evening. Graham said her husband sent her a text about the tornado warning and she quickly took cover in the basement with their four dogs.

The next thing she knew, it sounded like "planes crashing over," said Graham. The couple couldn't tell how bad the damage was until Thursday since it was already dark when the storm passed through.

By the time she got outside, Graham counted nine trees in their yard that were either completely uprooted, bent or snapped.

"I'm from New York, we're used to massive snowstorms. I remember last summer there were tornado warnings and they freaked me out a lot, because it's not something I'm used to," Graham said. "But this one, I was not prepared. I don't think anyone was."

Graham's husband was at work during the storm. She said the sudden warning forced everyone at his company to find shelter where they could inside the building while she sat at home - and then her power went out.

Georgia Power was eventually able to restore service to their home, but Graham said it was out until 4 a.m. One of the trees also broke a pipe that's still left them without running water.

What's more, Graham said she couldn't even leave her home because a fallen tree blocked her driveway. Thankfully, Georgia Power crews cleared it and she was able to leave for work Thursday morning.

Graham said their next priorities are getting snapped trees cleared so they don't fall on the couple's dogs or shed, and getting their water turned back on. After that, she said they're not sure yet.

"I've never experienced weather like this," Graham said. "This is completely new to us."

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