Officials detail changes in Macon-Bibb trash pickup


    MACON, Ga. -- Macon-Bibb County's Solid Waste Department and Advanced Disposal held a press conference Thursday in Central City Park to discuss details of the upcoming change in collection services.

    Beginning Monday, garbage, recycling, yard waste, and bulky waste collection will change in Macon-Bibb County.

    Advanced Disposal Services (ADS) will be responsible for garbage and recycling, while Macon-Bibb’s Solid Waste Department will be responsible for yard and bulky waste.

    "The biggest change residents will see is a more efficient and effective service," officials said.

    Bibb County resident Carolyn Glover says she didn't know trash changes were happening. She says to her it makes no difference who picks up what, as long as her trash is out of her yard.

    "Any deliveries and swaps and things like that, we are responsible for that," General Manager Jordan Scott said. "We understand there's a pretty big backlog, so we've got some processes in place to make sure we catch that up and that has begun today."

    After the Nov. 4, yard and bulk waste will only be picked up every other week -- and not on a specific day. And as a resident, you will have to pile your yard debris differently.

    Bulk material like leaves will need to be bagged up in no more than two cubic yards, or about 10 trash bags.

    Director Kevin Barkley says branches smaller than four inches in diameter need to be stacked neatly.

    "Also has the vining material that everybody seems to have in their yard," he says. "So if you can cut that down and mix it with your small branches, it's very effective that we can pick this material up and haul it off."

    And for limbs bigger than that, they must be in a pile on their own.

    Scott says also when taking your garbage out, make sure your can's handle is facing your house. The reason is that most trucks now operate without a person in the back.

    "We've gone basically almost industry wide to the ASL trucks to help prevent injuries and accidents," he said. "It's just a much safer way to collect the garbage."

    Scott says having the handle the wrong way will mean litter will get all over your yard and the lid will remain open.

    For more info or any questions, you can call Solid Waste at 478-751-9296 or Advanced Disposal at 478-405-5000.

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