Over 120 reported cases of stomach illness at Georgia College

    Georgia College/WGXA

    MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. -- Since the outbreak of a stomach illness at Georgia College and State University this week, 123 cases have been reported to health officials.

    That's according to Michael Hokanson with the North Central Health District, which has worked with the Baldwin County Health Department to collect samples in its "gastrointestinal illness investigation."

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    Hokanson said the specimens were sent to the a public health laboratory in north Georgia and hope to get the results early next week. He added that getting the results back could take longer than they've anticipated though.

    On Friday, Brittiny Johnson, director of public affairs for GCSU, told WGXA that except for the Lunch Box, all of the campus's dining facilities have been open since Thursday. Read her full statement below:

    Our on-campus dining facilities have been operating on a normal schedule since Thursday morning, with the exception of the Lunch Box. We are currently still awaiting the results of testing from students who have been ill. I don't have the number of students in front of me, and I know it has been a moving target. At our on-campus Health Clinic, I know we saw fewer cases Thursday than Wednesday and even fewer today.

    Health officials evaluated GCSU's dining facilities following the outbreak and determined that it was safe for them to reopen, Hokanson said. He also said the college voluntarily closed its facilities down this week and were not required to do so.

    The symptoms -- vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps -- could be linked to a number of illnesses, and health officials won't be able to pinpoint the cause until the specimen results come back, Hokanson said.

    Hokanson said health officials also sent out a survey at Georgia College to find out who's been affected, establish a pattern and help in tracing the illness.

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