Pink tax study: Women's products tend to be more expensive than men's

A recent study found that women's personal care products cost up to 13 percent more than men's / Jennifer Munoz (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- Women may be paying more at the register than men for similar products

It's called the pink tax but it's really when products geared toward women are just more expensive than those for men.

For instance, a pink razor tends to be more expensive than a green one according to studies.

Brooke Conway, a professor of economy at Georgia College, said there is a pink tax because of the way women shop.

"Men maybe don't care so much about the packaging or how it smells if it's a body wash or something like that, whereas woman may care more about that stuff," Conway said.

According to Conway, men are more sensitive to price changes than women so if something is more expensive men are less likely to buy it.

Businesses know women are still going to purchase the items regardless of price.

"As a group starts buying more products that are cheaper to avoid this pink tax those prices are going to go down," Conway said.

According to study by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, women's personal care products cost 13 percent more than men's.

Sabrina Hom, a professor of philosophy at Georgia College, said that extra money women are paying can quickly add up.

"Thirty cents more for a razor, it might not seem like a big deal, but if you are buying razors by the pack and this is something you are doing throughout your life it really adds up especially for woman earning minimum wage," Hom said.

Not only are woman paying more for personal care products, studies show that also for clothing.

"One of the problems with the pink tax is that a lot of these personal care products can seem like luxuries," Hom said. "Actually a lot of woman do need to have the hair and the make-up and the clothing for their jobs."

For cost-conscious women, Conway recommends if the product is the same but with different packages, go for the men's product.

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