Police: Mercer U student says driver points a gun at her near campus


    MACON, Ga. - A Mercer University student tells police another woman pointed a gun at her while driving Sunday evening near Mercer University's campus.

    According to a police report, on Sunday at 6:30 p.m., the student arrived at the Mercer Police Department and said a driver in another vehicle pointed a gun at her at the intersection of Winship Street and Stadium Drive at the bridge.

    She told police that while stopped at the red light on Canton Street at Mercer, a black 2007-08 Dodge Charger was in front of her. As the light turned green, the Charger didn't move, so she beeped the horn. The woman says both cars proceeded onto Mercer's campus and turned left onto Stadium Drive Bridge toward Winship Street.

    According to the report, the woman says the female driver kept looking at her in the side mirror of the Charger. As they approached Stadium Drive Bridge, the Charger turned left and rolled the drivers-side window down. The driver then leaned out the window and pointed a black-cased semi-automatic gun at her car.

    The woman added that the Charger didn't stop and continued on to Stadium Drive Bridge. The woman then continued to the Mercer Police Department, according to the report.

    She was unable to provide a tag number for the Charger.

    Mercer Police is still investigating, while a lookout has been posted with Bibb County Sheriff's Office.

    Mercer also released this statement on the incident:

    "Mercer Police follows the University’s Timely Warning and Emergency Notification Policy, which states that alerts are only sent in the event there is a continuing or ongoing threat to the campus. Because of the circumstances associated with yesterday's road rage incident, Mercer Police determined that there was not a continuing or ongoing threat, so they did not issue an alert. Alerts may be issued for incidents that occur on or off campus, if in the judgment of Mercer Police the incident represents a continuing or ongoing threat to the campus. The full policy may be read here."

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