THURSDAY MORNING UPDATE: Potential for snow remains in the forecast for Middle Georgia

Snow is possible either tomorrow morning or late tomorrow night due to a cold front.

MACON, Ga. -- Rain will hold steady today in the midstate. Tomorrow we can't rule out the chances of some snow mixing in during either the morning or overnight hours.

Temperatures have fallen quite a bit since Monday and they are expected to bottom out tomorrow. We will spend a lot of the next 48 hours between the lower 30's and mid 40's. Cloudy conditions will also hold steady as two cold fronts push the area.

The first cold front has already passed us here in Middle Georgia. We will still see rain from that system today and it may be heavy during the evening tonight. 1.5-2.5 inches of rain is possible around the Macon/Warner Robbins area. Dublin, Eastman or anywhere towards the southeast could see as much as 2.5-3 inches of rain between today, tonight and tomorrow. No severe weather or thunderstorms are expected.

The second cold front that will push through tomorrow has a high chance of producing snow in Georgia. Whether we see any here in the midstate is still up in the air. If the front moves quickly we will see some snow/rain mix or sleet tomorrow morning northwest of the I-75 and bypass split. If the front moves slower dragging precipitation into the evening there is a better chance of snow around and a bit south and west of Macon. Unfortunately our projected temperatures are rising overnight Friday and that will impact our chances.

Any snow that falls in the area will most likely melt on impact and not last longer than an hour or two. Snow/rain mix and sleet are both more likely to occur than just snow.

This may impact the morning commute for Friday so make sure to keep your distance on the road and give your car time to warm up in the morning. If you plan on driving early on Saturday morning you will most likely see the end of the rain or snow. Not too many road hazards are expected in the morning.

Once we reach Saturday morning sunny and dry conditions will take over, but it will still be chilly with highs in the upper 40's/lower 50's.

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