Preparing your house for Fall weather

Get your chimney checked by a professional. Claudia Coco/ WGXA News

MACON, Ga -- The end of summer is approaching, and it's time to start checking your house to make sure everything is running properly, going into the colder months.

Kim Smith is a homeowner in Macon and she said that she has a checklist, that they go through before fall/winter hit. "Well we have a fire place, so um we will definitely get the chimney checked out before we use that," said Smith.

Smith said they also get their H-VAC unit checked as well.

Macon homeowner Johnny Preyer, said he also likes to be prepared. "It's making sure we have adequate insulation in the attic, maybe calling a maintenance person out to look at our furnace to make sure everything is okay. Maybe just looking around the house for cracks or anything to winterize, and prepare to seal some things off," said Preyer.

He said likes to get things taken care of ahead of time. "It's a bit of a shock, in the middle of cold weather to be fixing something, so I think preventative maintenance is always better to make sure you're not surprised by anything," said Preyer.

Ian Harvey, an engineer for the Perry Fire Department said you should check your heating and air systems first. "Because we get a lot of calls for when the winter starts, for the smelling of smoke or things like that burning in your house," said Harvey.

Harvey said the fireplace should be number two on your checklist. "Make sure you don't have any cracks or build-ups inside or things like that, inside the chimney or the fire-place," Harvey said.

He said the cracks can lead to carbon dioxide building up in your house, so have a professional come check it out and seal it off.

Another thing that Harvey suggests is replacing the batteries in your smoke detectors every month, and getting a carbon monoxide detector. If you have a gas or water heater, it could leak carbon monoxide, and you can't smell or detect carbon monoxide yourself.

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