Preschoolers at Vineville Baptist Morning School spread holiday cheer

vineville baptist .jpg

MACON, Ga.-- On Wednesday morning preschool students at Macon's Vineville Baptist Morning School lined the steps of the school's entrance.

With their jingle bells in hand and holiday costumes, they spread cheer to drivers along the intersection of Vineville and Pierce Avenue by singing Christmas carols as their families and onlookers cheered them on.

School Director Tonia Boyd said this is the third year they have held the event and they simply hope to unwrap the true meaning of Christmas and the holiday season.

"We just take a few minutes out of our morning just to bless others at our intersection. Vineville baptist church has been here for 125 years, a beautiful church in itself. But the children that we serve and serve within our Vineville Morning School, they're just lights that need to shine". said Boyd.

The school hopes to continue the tradition for many years to come.

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