Proposed Georgia bill could mean end to taxing veterans' retirement income

    Military veteran Bruce Knowles talks about his accomplishments in the armed forces/Claudia Coco (WGXA)

    MACON, Ga. -- Military veterans' retirement income could become non-taxable in the state of Georgia, if a proposed bill passes the General Assembly.

    House Bill 7, sponsored by Jesse Petrea, Bill Hitchens, Shaw Blackmon and others, proposed that retirement income veterans get as a benefit of their military service should no longer be subject to state income tax.

    Two veterans told WGXA that every little bit counts, and that this bill would give them some relief.

    Both retired Staff Sgt. Bruce Knowles and Tracy Burkholder the current commander of the veterans of foreign wars post 658 in Macon retired from the Army.

    "Retire at 20 years like I did, they cut your pay in half so then you get federal tax on that and state tax on it," Knowles said.

    "I retired in 2002 and I can't live off my military retirement so I still work," Burkholder said.

    Both now hold jobs because they can't live on their military retirement.

    "So you're like whoa, there's half my paycheck gone," said Knowles.

    a proposed bill by the georgia house of representatives would take off the georgia state income tax.

    "Any money they want to throw back to us, absolutely, I would be glad to have that back," Burkholder said.

    Knowles and Burkholder both said would provide a welcome relief.

    Knowles asked, "You don't have to worry about if something breaks, where am I going to get this money from? How am I going to get this fixed?"

    "So to have that tax free would be the difference being able to pay your light bill every month and still having food or having to pay your light bill and having to go to one of the local food banks," said Burkholder.

    Read the proposed bill:

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