'Pull together': Houston Co. neighbors help each other after Hurricane Michael

    Miles Garrett (WGXA)

    HOUSTON COUNTY, Ga. -- In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, one Houston County resident saw their car and home nearly crushed by a fallen tree.

    That home was just part of the significant tree damage that Warner Robins and Houston County received Wednesday.

    One neighbor decided to come out and lend a helping hand to the homeowner in their time of need.

    "I come from a family where you help each other out whether it be neighbors, friends, but mainly neighbors. You know that's where you get your strength from as you pull together in the community and help each other out. It just kinda gives you a purpose that you can step in and help a little bit if you happen to have access to a chainsaw, you happen to live three doors down then you may as well jump in and use it," said Elaina Powell.

    Another Middle Georgia resident was going door to door in Houston County helping neighbors with cleaning up their yards.

    While he runs a bushiness, today he helped for free because he felt it was the right thing to do.

    "If an elderly lady or someone with kids or you know, a single mother with kids, I go ahead and take it out for them, it ain't no charge. It shocks them so much and they don't know. They think, 'oh no it's gonna take $1000' and then we try and get the city and then they say they'll be out here in a week or two. But like a week or two? We need to just get out now so you know it's kinda crazy like that," said Travis Releford.

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