Robins AFB C-130 maintenance program to bring jobs, impact economy

Jennifer Munoz (WGXA)

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. -- After adding about 550 jobs in 2017, about 400 new civilian jobs will be coming to Robins Air Force Base through the C-130 depot maintenance program.

Daniel Rhoades with the 21st Century Partnership, an advocacy nonprofit for the base, said that these developments will make a big impact as those new jobs will either give existing residents new opportunities or will bring more people to Middle Georgia.

He said, "All 950 plus people out of the base are going to want to eat dinner. They are going to want to buy things at Walmart. They are going to want buy new house, their roofs repaired."

Robins Air Force Base was chosen to host the maintenance program because it is one of the few facilities in the country that has the capability to carry out this type of work, Rhoades added.

"That's about 400 more positions and again it will be the mechanics, painters, up to engineers and scientists. So, all good paying positions," he said.

Warner Robins Mayor Randy Toms said the new jobs will benefit the entire city. "Number one: it shows us that Robins Air Force Base is strong, and they are getting stronger. They are a huge part of our community and not part of our community but a part of our state, so we are excited," he said.

The base currently employs over 21,000 Middle Georgians and has an annual economical impact of $2.86 billion annually. The new positions will be moved over from Hill Air Force Base in Utah through 2022.

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