Sandersville officer's home shot up in 'act of gang violence'

Sandersville police officer Corey Haynes' home was shot at while he was away recently in what's being called an act of gang violence/Evan Watson (WGXA)

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ga. -- Sandersville police officer Corey Haynes hasn't been in law enforcement for a full year, but he came home to bullet holes in his walls this past weekend.

A bullet ripped through his window curtain and went through a wall, right above where he sits to read.

"This is my getaway. This where I study, take my online classes, where I sleep, where my family visits me, where I cry, where I pray, so it was very disturbing," said Haynes.

Investigators found five shell casings and discovered that three bullets had hit the home. One traveled through a window, then the living room, then through the closet, and out the back of the house through his bedroom.

The shooting is being called an act of gang violence.

"This is not quite the thanks you want to get for doing a good job," said Captain Ken Parker with the Sandersville Police Department.

Parker said multiple people know about this crime because investigators believe more than one person was involved, and that they need to come forward with information.

"Corey Haynes is a fine officer, but he's an even better human being. He doesn't deserve this," said Parker.

He said it's unacceptable to hear someone shot up one of his officer's homes.

"It affected me deeply. It was very disheartening, frustrating. To my knowledge it's the first time that anything like this has happened to an officer at the Sandersville Police Department," Parker said.

Haynes hasn't lived in his home for long, but said he's not sure his family should visit anymore.

"Anybody could have been at this house. Me, my mother visits frequently, I have a little nephew. Like I said, now I don't even bring my nephew here and that's sad and unfortunate," he said.

Parker thinks the whole community needs to step up.

"We've got to start loving each other more, as a people. It's just inexcusable," he said.

Anyone with information about this incident can call any of the following phone numbers: Sandersville Police Department's anonymous tip line at 478-552-6831, The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (Eastman) at 478-374-6988, Investigator Pauline Brown at 478-232-6138 or Investigator Jeff Pettit at 478-357-1720.

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