Sleet is possible this weekend in some Middle Georgia counties

Rain, sleet and snow are all possible in Georgia this weekend.

MACON, Ga. -- Heavy rain is expected all across the area on Saturday and Sunday. This rain has a chance to turn to sleet overnight Sunday.

The heaviest rain this weekend is still projected to move into counties north of Macon. Cities like Forsyth, Thomaston, Sparta and Milledgeville all could see between 2-3 1/2 inches. Even our southern counties that saw over four inches of rain last weekend could still see another 1-2 inches this weekend.

Even though our southern counties are seeing the least amount of rain, they are under the greatest flood threat due to their rain from last weekend that has not settled.

The rain will begin to lighten up in the last half of the day on Sunday. It will also become cooler. Some of Middle Georgia's low temperatures will be flirting with the freezing point overnight Sunday which could cause some sleet.

Snow does not look likely anywhere in mid-state mainly because our temperatures will not be cool enough to support snowfall. In order for snow the temperature must be below 32 degrees everywhere between the ground and the cloud base. That will not happen in Middle Georgia. Near the surface we will be around 33-34 degrees which could cause sleet to fall over a handful of our northern counties.

If you live south of Gray, Forsyth and Milledgeville you will most likely see cold rain into early Monday morning.

Stick with us both on-air and online for the latest on this weekend's rain and potential sleet.

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