Small Business Saturday means a lot to local business

Small Business Saturday means a lot to local business. Claudia Coco / WGXA News

MACON, Ga -- Small Business Saturday is an American shopping holiday that takes place during one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. For local businesses, this shopping holiday generates revenue and interest in their stores that benefit them in the long run.

Ambitious Graphics, a t-shirt shop in Downtown Macon has been around for a year now, and co-owner Wayne Woodard said it's still surreal.

"Like it feels good, like to be honest like it still hasn't hit me," Woodard said.

In one year Woodard and his partner Andreau Adside, grew their business from running out of an apartment to a shop downtown.

"Whenever you shop local or small business, you see that business grow, you know where your dollar goes to actually contribute," Woodard said.

Woodard said his business is proof of what local revenue can do.

"Well we did a pizza party for the homeless, and we bought 50 pizzas and fed the homeless," Woodard said. "We were able to do that because of the revenue we were able to generate from local individuals coming and shopping with us."

Start-up business expert J.R. McNair said small businesses make up over 54 percent of businesses in America. So a day like Small Business Saturday really helps drive support in the community.

"These small business owners really thrive from the support of the local patrons," McNair said.

Small Business Saturday was an initiative from American Express to shop local during one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. McNair said this one day can really make a difference for local businesses.

"If they can have one great day, it can actually change the trajectory of that month for them," McNair said.

McNair said local business provides over 70 percent of jobs in America. That one great day these businesses have can filter back into the community.

"But to a small business it can be the difference to them of hiring a new employee, being able to do that new marketing campaign, going out there and continuing to be a vital part of your community," McNair said.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration Small Business Saturday saw 112 million Americans spend $15.4 billion dollars at independent retailers last year.

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