Soapbox election talk continued

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    MACON, Ga-- With the election less than five days away many middle Georgians are heading to the polls.

    "I really think that going out and voting is the best thing that you can do it's the power of the people" Rushabh Patel said.

    Some, already certain on which side they're standing...and what issues matter most to them.

    Georgia voter Janie Akins told us, "I want jobs in this country and I'm hoping that whoever gets elected will make jobs for people that want them"

    "With the current political climate, with the people that are in charge these mid terms are important to help keep everybody in check" Georgia voter Rushabh Patel said.

    While others, like Montrevious Foster, still need time to make sure they're making the choice that will best represent their values.

    "I'm not, on any political side I'm just pretty much in the middle... I guess you call it progressive but other than that I just hope the person who gets elected will be the best person for the job" Foster told us.

    There were mixed opinions from the middle Georgia community but the overall consensus from both sides-- it's time for some change in Georgia.

    Akins added "The sacrifices people have made for young people to vote and you need to do it."

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