Sweltering September - Recapping a historically hot month

Every day of September 2018 featured above-average high temperatures/WGXA Weather

It's not your imagination - September 2018 has been hot.... Really hot... So hot, in fact, that it will go down as Middle Georgia's second hottest September on record!

All but two days featured high temperatures of at least 90 degrees.

On the 16th, if took Tropical Storm Florence tracking through South Carolina to provide enough clouds to keep us in the 80's. Even then, we still hit 89 degrees.

On the 30th, a stationary front brought overcast skies all day and kept our high to 87.

That makes 28 out of 30 days this month with highs of 90+ degrees, the most we've ever had during the month of September. It shatters the old record of 25 days set in 1970, 1925, and 1921.

We even had our first 100 degree day in over two years on the 18th, even though triple digits are far more common in June or August.

In terms of average temperature, we came close to setting a new record as well. With an average temperature of 82.2 degrees, it's the second warmest September on record. The only time the month has been hotter was in 1925 (average temp of 84.0 degrees), when an extreme heat wave brought Macon a whopping 11 days with high temperatures 100 degrees or warmer.

If you're not yet convinced that this month's heat was out of the ordinary (you should be...), consider this: This September was even hotter than the Summer months that came before it! July and August had average temperatures of around 81 degrees.

As much as we hate to say it, there won't be much relief from the heat any time soon. The Climate Prediction Center's October outlook gives us a 60-70 percent chance to see warmer-than-normal weather this coming month.

But don't loose hope, Middle Georgia... Snow isn't out of the question later this winter!

All data referenced is for Macon, where the National Weather Service maintains weather records that go back to the 1800's.

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