Fine Art Society of Middle Georgia brings arts to Houston Co.

The Fine Art Society of Middle Georgia displays local art in their Warner Robins Gallery. Jennifer Munoz (WGXA)

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. -- The Fine Art of Society of Middle Georgia was founded back in 2000 in Warner Robins.

The society works to bring art opportunities to those in Houston County.

For Allan Carey art has always been a part of her life. She draws and paints landscapes of places she's been .

"It releases stress it's really calming and you really just get into the world of art and painting," said Carey.

Carey shares her passion for art with others in Houston County by teaching workshops at the Fine Art Society in Warner Robins.

"Color, a brush of color you can create something beautiful and they are always surprised when they finish a painting that they really did it themselves," Carey said.

She's been a part of the Fine Art Society since 2000. It's become a second home for an artist like her.

"Right now there is a very little opportunity for artist in this area in Middle Georgia," Carey said.

The Fine Art Society is helping fill that void in Houston County. They've grown from 10 members to over 100.

"Here we are getting the artist out of their little room and the art from underneath their bed out of their closets and on the wall so they can display it talk about it and hopefully sell it you know everything here is a local person," said Leslie Hoops-Wallace, Gallery Manager.

People of all ages can paint, sculpt and draw at their gallery on Commercial Circle in Warner Robins.

Members hope they can help spread their creativity and artwork to others in the community.

"Art stimulates, art is a interest that provides outlet creativity within the students," Carey said.

The Fine Arts Society will be hosting their annual student art scholarship show this week at the Galleria Mall. They will be awarding Houston County students with scholarships so they can continue their studies in the arts.

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