The security of life insurance

The security of life insurance. Claudia Coco / WGXA News

MACON, Ga -- Life insurance is there to take care of your family if something were to happen to you. The topic of life insurance can often be overwhelming, chartered financial consultant Andy Watson Jr. said, it's nothing to be scared about.

Watson said life insurance provides families a sense of security. "And what life insurance does, is provide that liquid cash. That 100% income tax-free money at our deaths, to go to our loved ones to take care of the responsibilities that we left behind," said Watson.

He said if you don't know where to start when purchasing life insurance, the best idea is to start with the basics. "One is funeral expenses, next we need money for paying off our debts, like our mortgage, car needs, education loans, or credit card notes," Watson said.

Watson said it's especially important for families to have. Like Andrew Clark who is a retired veteran and a father. He said insurance is necessary to provide that financial security for his family. "Since funerals are so expensive these days, you kind of have to have it," said Clark.

Clark said it's good to know his family is taken care of, and that there's a plan in place. "So your family doesn't get stuck with bills, and quality of life goes down, and then they're also dealing with you not being there," said Clark.

Mother Britney Cannon said life insurance provides she and her husband comfort. "Because whoever is going to take care of our kids if something happened to us, needs money to take care of them properly. I don't want to leave somebody with the kids, and a financial burden," said Cannon.

All three said life insurance is a big purchase, and can change based on each family's individual needs. So it's important to sit down and talk with a professional about your personalized life insurance plan.

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