THURSDAY MORNING UPDATE: Big cool down just around the corner

Temperatures will drop quickly over the next week.

MACON, Ga. -- Cooler temperatures are in the forecast for next week. Middle Georgia is likely to see multiple nights in the mid 20's.

Today will be chilly and cloudy, but any chances of freezing rain overnight in the mid-state has been reduced to almost zero. The freezing rain is projected to shift even further towards the east impacting South Carolina instead of our area.

Sunday will be our next chance for any frozen precipitation. Our chances are not great, but it is still noteworthy. Snow and sleet are a possibility in eastern Alabama and northern Georgia overnight during New Year's. If we do see any snow or sleet we will only see isolated pockets of the snow lasting around 1/2 an hour.

Now we focus on the cold temperatures that are expected to creep into our area next week. Over the next three days the mid state will see average to slightly below temperatures. Once the first of two cold fronts pushes through on New Year's Eve we will see our temperatures take a nose dive. Highs will fall into the 40's and our overnight lows could be as low as 20 by next Thursday.

Follow us on air, on the website and on social media as we continue to track these fridged temperatures.

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