THURSDAY MORNING UPDATE: Strong storms possible on Saturday

    Severe weather is possible late Saturday with a warm front moving through Middle Georgia.

    MACON, Ga. -- A warm and humid end to the week will allow some strong storm development this weekend. Thunderstorms and strong wind are our main threats in Middle Georgia.

    A southerly wind will take over on Thursday afternoon. This will allow much more humidity and warm air to move into Georgia. The warm air and humidity will feed a strong front that will pass through the mid-state this weekend.

    Our main threat will be strong wind gusts that could push over 30 mph at times. The environment will allow for strong thunderstorm development and potentially tornadoes especially closer to the Alabama state line if conditions are right.

    If you see clear skies on Saturday your area will be more susceptible to severe weather compared to an area that remained cloudy all day.

    Rain totals will not be overly impressive with this system, but isolated pockets of heavy rain are possible.

    As of Thursday our best chance for these storms to move through will be late Saturday afternoon through late Saturday evening.

    Rain will still be possible into Sunday and Monday, but as of Thursday severe weather is not expected on either day.

    Stick with us both on-air and online for the latest on this system.

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