THURSDAY UPDATE: Michael has moved out of Georgia

    Michael is now a weak tropical storm.

    MACON, Ga. -- Tropical Storm Michael has weaken significantly since making landfall in Mexico Beach FL. yesterday afternoon. This storm has now moved through the mid-state and is continuing to pick up speed as it barrels towards the Carolina coast.

    Tropical storm Michael has sped up to 20 mph. This will help push this storm into the Atlantic within the next 24 hours. Unlike other storms that we see make landfall this system will remain a tropical storm until to moves into the northern Atlantic.

    The worst of this storm is behind us, but we will see some lingering effects. Wind gusts will range between 20-35 mph this afternoon. The wind will slowly calm down over the next few days.

    Stick with us both on-air and online for the latest forecasts and for the damage from Michael.

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