Tips for spending money this holiday season

Tips for spending money this holiday season. (File)

MACON, Ga -- Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, and if you are thinking of purchasing a big ticket item this holiday season, one financial expert said Black Friday and Cyber Monday might be the best time to do it.

Paul Stroud said his family is already thinking about Black Friday.

"Well we always make big purchases when it comes down to Black Friday," Stroud said. "You know Christmas is coming up, you know my family always seems to do well."

He said those deals are great to make big purchases. This year he wants a flat screen TV, but he said he tries not to get too wrapped up in the Black Friday madness.

"I don't like to get caught up with the special stuff," Stroud said. "Like if you want to get the X-Box, whatever the new thing is, or play stations, I don't try to get caught up with that stuff, but if it's something I really need, I'm going to scout it out before I get started."

Vice President of Beall Financial, Colleen Giffin, said if you are going to purchase a big ticket item, taking advantage of the deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a great way to save money.

Lilja Kitchens has a different approach to holiday shopping.

"We spend throughout the month get out and see what's new everyday," Kitchens said.

Giffin said if you're going to buy things as you go, it's important to keep track of purchases to stay on top of what you're spending. Kitchens said her family doesn't necessarily have a set budget, but she makes sure to stay mindful of her purchases.

"You don't want to be broke the whole New Year coming in, so just get what you absolutely have to have," Kitchens said.

Business Insider has a couple of tips for not putting yourself in a financial hole this holiday season. They said to make sure to automatically put money in your bank account when you get paid, instead of just spending it on the holidays, and utilize coupon apps to keep from paying full price.

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