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'Toomsboro is not for sale': Mayor of Toomsboro explains the town's listing

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Photo Source: WGXA

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TOOMSBORO, Ga. -- A town in Wilkinson County is gaining traction on social media due to reports circulating that the town is up for purchase.

A website called depicts the many prospects awaiting buyers in the town that holds 700 residents.

It is one of the few places where you can buy a whole town with every kind of building including a historic inn, a syrup mill, an opera house, a school house, a railroad depot, a cotton warehouse, a restaurant, a barbershop, a water wheel, a grist mill, a work shop, a filling station, and several houses."

The website is run by Tim Bumgardner who owns over 30 properties in the town.

Bumgardner has had the town listed for several years. An earlier article written by ABC in 2012 stated at the time it was "On sale for $2.5 million."

Now in 2020, the town is listed at $1.7 million.

WGXA crews stopped by the town to see if the listing was true and what community members thought of the town up for sale.

Mayor of Toomsboro Joyce Denson explained that though properties were available from Bumgardner, the town itself is not to be bought.

"Toomsboro is not for sale. Mr. Bumgardner owns property here ,about 30 pieces, and wants to sell that. It has been advertised over the years that it is for sale, this is not the first. I tell anyone that comes by they need to get in touch with him to see what he wants for the property. But Toomsboro is not for sale, we don't have anything to do with that.

Denson says that they do want to see the community grow but she hopes that those that are interested in the properties keep a few things in mind.

She says that the town is a quiet community and she wants whoever is interested to keep the community at heart. They do not want just anyone coming in.

We want people to understand your not purchasing the whole town of Toomsboro, you are only purchasing the property Bumgardner will sale.

Denson has no idea why the listing has been so prevalent for so long but regardless she hopes whoever ends up purchasing the properties keeps what she's stated close to heart.

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