Treutlen County residents prepare for winter weather

This shelf in a grocery store in Treutlen County started looking bare as residents stocked up on supplies/Tavares Jones (WGXA)

TREUTLEN COUNTY, Ga. -- Ahead of the cold weather in Treutlen County, several people were out early on Wednesday morning.

Residents were busy shopping for last-minute food staples as they prepared for the cold weather.

In Soperton on Wednesday, temperatures struggled to get above 40 degrees.

Resident Telisa Mills said, "Get a little grocery, water up. I don't know how long. Even if it sticks, I don't know how long it's going to be but I'm just going to be prepared."

Others in the county prepared for the cold weather by getting their homes ready.

Resident Curtis Dunn said, "Making sure you know, I got my water running at night, to where my pipes doesn't freeze. I made sure I fixed all my air leaks to where the cold air cannot seep in the house. Make sure my heaters is working good and I actually went out last week and bought an extra comforter for my bed so you know at night, I'm nice and cozy and warm."

The snow stopped in Treutlen County just after 12 p.m. on Wednesday, but temperatures for Thursday are expected to be even colder.

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