Truck takes a dive into Lake Tobesofkee during Independence Day celebrations

    Photo courtesy: Joe Neisler

    MACON, Ga. -- Independence Day celebrations got a little interesting at Macon's Lake Tobesofkee Wednesday afternoon.

    According to the Bibb County Sheriff's Office, someone forgot to set the brakes to a dark-colored pickup truck, which rolled down a hill and right into the lake.

    The incident happened near the Fish N' Pig restaurant and Mosely Dixon Rd./Rainey Rd.

    "My thoughts were, 'I hope no one was in that car like, a baby or an adult or somebody hurt.' And then we came and started talking to the police and fire guys and they said that it was just a lady who had forgotten to put her truck in park and it rolled off into the water. So a simple mistake like that and the truck is gone," said Joe Neisler.

    Nobody was in the truck at the time and no injuries were reported, deputies say.

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