Twiggs Co. commissioners hope to work out health insurance solution soon


    TWIGGS COUNTY, Ga. --Commissioners in Twiggs County are work to come up with a resolution to make the health insurance hike less costly to county employees.

    Kenneth Fowler, chairman of county commission, said they're hoping to make some changes to the insurance plan within about two weeks.

    "We discussed we're taking a look at several options, we know what company we're going with," said Fowler.


    An agent for the insurance company, United Healthcare, was at the commissioner's meeting and said he realizes they need to do something fast.

    "The EMA director and the insurance agent, we're going to resolve this as quickly as possible," Fowler said.

    Fowler said they can't afford to keep health insurance at the rates the county has been paying - but that they'll have to increase something so the county can function.

    "The only alternative that's going up on the millage rate at least two mils, we went up three last year," Fowler said.

    Twiggs County resident Mary-Ann Revels said she doesn't want to live in a county where there are no deputies, and something must be done so they can afford to keep working for the sheriff's office.

    "They can't live on and provide for their families on what they're doing, and now you're making it so they can't take care of their families medical issues," said Revels.

    Fowler said he's hoping to have a solution by next week, but said the county should have something worked out by August 1 at the latest.

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