Twiggs Co. to improve rural disaster response plans


TWIGGS COUNTY, Ga. -- Twiggs County authorities are making sure they're ready to respond to disasters and emergencies in rural areas.

On Monday the county met with members of Georgia's Coordinated High Assistance and Maintenance Program and the Department of Transportation to create traffic plans that could make navigating around accidents and other serious incidents on roadways simpler.

Jack Wood, Twiggs County fire chief and EMA director, said that being proactive is key.

"Get us all back together to sit down and that way when we get on the scene we're not guessing what we need to do where we need to put our controls out we already have that pre-established," said Wood.

He said that some major traffic concerns include drivers who don't obey the "move over law", distracted driving and trying to film accident scenes while driving.

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